Telehealth – Changes to Billing Policy

Changes to Our billing Policy for Telehealth Consultations

From 6th August 2021 we have introduced some changes to billing for telehealth.

We will now be charging a private fee for telehealth consultations, unless you are normally bulk-billed at our clinic.

If you are normally billed as a private patient, please book one of these appointment types on Hot Doc:

  • Telehealth (Privately Billed)
  • Longer Telehealth (Privately Billed)

Until now, we have bulk-billed all telehealth appointments for our patients. However, the extended Sydney lockdown means this is no longer financially feasible for our practice.

Our doctors are still offering largely the same services to patients via telephone, including standard consultations, prescriptions, referrals, mental health consultations and much more.

How Much Will it cost?

Privately billed telehealth appointments will be charged at the same rate as the equivalent face-to-face appointment:

Short Telehealth (<6 minutes)   =   $40.00 (Medicare rebate $17.90)

Telehealth (15 minutes)   =   $75.00 (Medicare rebate $39.10)

Longer Telehealth (30 minutes)   =   $120.00 (Medicare rebate $75.75) 

How Do I pay for my appointment?

This help article explains how you will be able to make payment through Hot Doc:

We can now take credit card payments for appointments via Hot Doc.

Please note, we will still process a claim for medicare rebate on your behalf electronically after your consult. You do NOT need to submit the medicare claim yourself.

Medicare Rebates

After your appointment, we will process the Medicare claim for you electronically so you don’t need to submit the claim yourself.

You should receive the funds into your bank account from Medicare within 48 hours.

Payment for appointments made over the phone or via reception

If you are a private patient, you will still need to make payment for your telehealth consultation.

HotDoc Payments supports Payment Requests which allows us to send you ad-hoc payment requests to your mobile phone. See Creating a Payment Request for more information.

mental Health Care Plans or Chronic Disease care Plans

From 1st July 2021, we can no longer do new Mental Health Care Plans or Chronic Disease Care Plans via telehealth due to a change in Medicare rules.

You will need to book a face-to-face appointment with your doctor and come into the clinic in order to get a new care plan.

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